A Birthday during the Pandemic



So it’s your birthday….

…and you don’t know what to do. My birthday recently passed and although I made minor plans, they were still canceled. There is no definite answer as to when this pandemic will be over. Large crowds are nerve wracking and nothing is as it used to be. If you have a small group of friends to celebrate with, here are some ideas that can help you celebrate your big day.


  1. Have lunch or dinner outside on a patio. (Something about sitting outside on a patio seems much better than being inside of a restaurant during a pandemic – plus you probably need the fresh air)

  2. Fall is here and there are plenty outdoor activities (apple picking, pumpkin patches, and picnics!)

  3. Speaking of picnics, charcuterie boards are a thing now and you can decorate them anyway you would like; a fruit and cheese board, dessert board, even a seafood charcuterie board!

Birthday Photo

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