Living Life In Your 30s

It’s no secret that I’m in my 30s. 31 to be exact. The age where 10 years ago, I thought I would be married, have kids, live in a dream home and have life all planned out. Who was that that said, never tell God your plans because he will laugh? They were right! We all, and by all I mean women, create this timeline or checklist in our heads, that we have to have certain things by a certain date, and if we don’t have them, then we feel a lack of success or feel like something is wrong with us. I’ve been there and I’m guessing it’s somewhat normal to create that timeline but that timeline should NOT be set in stone.

Recently I was speaking with a couple of friends who were still in their 20s and they expressed their concerns with turning 30. Honestly, turning 30 isn’t bad, minus the random aches that you get for no reason and you’re asleep by 10pm if not sooner. I wanted to share some of my life experiences since turning 30 that could possibly help you step into the next decade feeling confident and ready to face whatever may comes your way!


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An Apple A Day Does Not Keep The Doctor Away…

…..Contrary to popular belief. I stopped eating red meat, poultry, and pork around age 26, simply because it started to gross me out, so I’m pescatarian. Since turning 30 I have found myself more health conscious and I take a ton of vitamins everyday! I will say this is something that I didn’t worry about too much in my twenties because I figured I was just young and healthy. But as I get older, I can feel that I don’t have as much energy as I used to and I have random back pain that comes here and there (a heating pad will be your best friend). I try to stay away from sugar (not always successful) but once you turn 30, it’s hard to drop those 10 lbs the two weeks right before vacation!


My Body Has Changed

….and I mean every aspect. My skin, my weight, my hair, my body’s response to certain foods. If I’ve learned anything about bodily changes as you get older is Skincare. Whew! Who knew I needed to wear SPF even in the winter. My skin is not the same and as much as I don’t want to admit, I have hair growing in places that no woman should be growing hair. Gross, but true. Also, my body’s response to eating late is not a good one. I hate going to bed on a full stomach because I feel so bloated. But regardless of all of these changes, I’m learning to love my body more and more each day and becoming more comfortable in my skin.


This was huge for me! So it’s hard for me to actually rest, especially at home. In order for me to do absolutely nothing, I always feel like I need to be away from home because I will find a closet to clean, errands to run, or something to do. So I’ve learned to set time aside to do things that I love and things that I actually want to do. You can’t pour from an empty cup so it’s important to refresh and recharge to take care of yourself in order for you to assist with the needs of others.


Getting Your Magic Number Hours of Sleep is Important

Notice I didn’t say 8. My magic number is 7. That is the minimum number hours of sleep I need in order for me to feel recharged the next day. I know that number can be different for everyone and not everyone needs their full 8 hours. I wake up at 5:30am everyday. So if I’m not in bed by 10pm and asleep by 10:30, I can definitely feel it this next morning. Also, I’m am starting to learn that how I wake up in the morning is just as important as how I’m going to bed. Read my blog post on My Night & Morning Routine for some tips!


I’m More Confident and Comfortable In My Skin


Long gone are the days where you care what others think. Since turning 30, I’ve had a new “I don’t care attitude” but in a good way. I don’t put my time and energy into things that don’t make me happy. I know who I am, I know what I want and what I DON’T want, and I’ve said no to anything that disturbs my peace. This goes for relationships, friendships, sadly family, food, clothes, literally ANYTHING. I’ve learned the art of letting go and know that everything and everyone is not for me. This new level of self-confidence is refreshing not to mention peaceful.


My Style Has Changed

Yup! My mid-drift days are over! No more belly shirts! The older I get, the more I turn to a “casual chic” style. I know everyone’s personal style is different but this is just what happened for me. I hate for any article of clothing to be tight on me. I prefer looser clothing and things that are comfortable but still looks great. I will still wear a stiletto but I think I have about 2 hours max in them. Most days, I opt for a casual sneaker, mules, or a block heel.


I Get Excited About “Adult” Things

By “adult” things I mean new furniture, new appliances, saving money on a power bill, finding a new laundry detergent that works! Also, I enjoy finding “life hacks” that makes my life more convenient and easier.Those things never phased me when I was younger but now I jump for joy when I even find a good set of towels on sale! I suppose all of these things come with living on your own and having to pay your own bills, but nonetheless, it feels GOOD!


I Still Rely On My Mom or Grandma For “How-To” Questions

Speaking of adulting, did you think you were going to automatically learn how to sew a button, or make gravy (still can’t do that), or wash that sweater that says “dry clean” only just because you’re an adult? There are times that I still call my mom and grandma to ask how to do certain things that they just seem to do better than me. I’m not an expert at adulting but thankfully we have more adult years in us than we have youthful years. The learning process never stops!


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Overall, I’m basking in my 30s and enjoying it! I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the “new 20s” as I didn’t have myself together then (and I still don’t know, remember we are evolving everyday). Don’t be afraid to step into your 30s, be confident, and love every minute of it!