Loungewear That’s Not Boring

Nap Loungewear


Since quarantine, loungewear has become a staple in my closet and gets worn 80% of the time. I work from home and while I don’t want to stay in my pajamas all day, I still want to be comfortable, yet presentable should I need to answer the door or run to the mailbox. Loungewear has really stepped it’s game up and I wanted to share my favorite picks with you below!


NAP Loungewear

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I love NAP Loungewear because it’s chic, soft, relaxing and it makes me feel like I can do more than just lounge around. I always feel more productive when I’m dressed but never want to get 100% dressed if I know I will be at home all day. NAP Loungewear comes in fabrics such as NipNap, Cashmere, and FlowLux that gives you a comfort feeling all day.

Another reason I love NAP is because you can wear it outside of your home. Running errands doesn’t have to be just leggings and sweatpants anymore. NAP Loungewear has a flowy feel which makes you feel feminine and a bit dressy while still maintaining that comfort. So add some accessories to give it a bit of spice or wear as is for a casual on the go look. Shop more of my favs below,






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