Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice



Preparing Your Home For Fall

One thing that I love about fall is that everything is “pumpkin spiced.” From candles to lattes to some of your favorite pastries. It really sets the tone for fall and makes your home feel warm and cozy. I’m sharing some my favorite fall candles from some of my favorite places to shop!


Luxury Candles

I admit I do have a thing for luxury candles. The way the look and smell. Some of my favorite perfumes come in a candle and I can’t get over how great they smell in my home! Candles are a must have during the fall season! It is one thing that will make your home feel cozy, in addition to smelling nice! Some luxury candles can run at a steep price and some of them you can find on sale! Typically, if I’m shopping for a luxury candle, my go to place is Nordstrom.




Nice Candles That Won’t Break The Bank

….and let’s face it…because luxury candles are expensive, it’s not my go to all the time for a nice candle because there are some nice ones out there that are reasonably priced and won’t break the bank! My go to places for these candles are Target, TJMaxx, Bath & Body Works, and HomeGoods. Also, you can find nice candles for your home at Nordstrom (my favorite store). This Noir Oud Wood & Musk is from Target.


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