Staycation at Loews Atlanta


Spring is here and it seems like more people are looking to get away from the ‘work from home’ environment or in need of a different scenery. I had the pleasure of staying at Loews Atlanta this past weekend and enjoyed every minute of my stay. The hotel was nice enough to host my stay and I am definitely looking forward to going back in the near future.

My stay included a Grand King room with a view of Midtown Atlanta, a 60 minute full body massage, and a 4 course dinner which was beyond delicious. I wanted to share a recap of my stay in case you are looking to visit the Atlanta area or already in Atlanta and needed a staycation.

Hotel Lobby

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The hotel lobby is gorgeous and spacious enough for social distancing if you want to hang out. In the lobby you will find Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar, where the most beautiful charcuterie dishes are served along with brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks (I will share more of my dinner here shortly.) Also, there is a Market where you can get snacks, coffee, and souvenirs.


The Room

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A great room is key to having a great staycation. I had the perfect view of Midtown Atlanta with a corner room featuring a King Size bed, a couch, bathtub, and walk-in shower. Loews also welcomed me with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.



Loews Atlanta Exhale Spa



Going to EXHALE Spa was one of the top highlights of my staycation. Sure, I’ve had a massage before, but this an experience I will never forget. The amount of amenities that is offered in the spa for your own personal use is super convenient. There are showers, changing rooms, lockers, vanity mirrors stocked with clean washcloths, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, clean robes, mouthwash, slippers, anything you need, Exhale Spa has it.

Walking into the actually Spa area may have been the most peaceful experience. As soon as you walk in, there in immediate relief. The room is dimly lit while soft music plays in the background. Initially you sit in the lounge area and can have tea if you want, until your masseuse calls you back.

I had a 60 minute full body massage with CBD oil that felt amazing. You can opt for add-ons if you’d like and there is also a sauna that you can use before or after your spa treatment along with a fully equipped gym, and a facility for fitness classes.


Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar

Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar

To end my night at Loews Atlanta, I had a delicious dinner at Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar. For starters, I had a tasty charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, pickles, and dried fruit, a seasonal salad, My entree was a blackened salmon on top of a bed of cauliflower and kale (healthy and tasty), and for dessert I had a delicious peach cobbler topped with Vanilla ice cream.

Oh and let’s not forget drinks! Saltwood has a fully stocked bar with delicious cocktails on the menu. As of right now, Saltwood is only open for dinner Wed-Sun, which is perfect if you’re wanting to go out and still maintain social distancing, as the bar is in the hotel lobby with plenty of space.


My Overall Stay

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Overall, I really enjoyed my stay. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. I didn’t know how overwhelmed I was until I walked into Exhale Spa, which makes me want to do this staycation all over again. If you are ever in Atlanta and looking for thee perfect stay, I high suggest Loews hotel, you won’t be disappointed!


Exhale Spa

Exhale Spa


Loews Atlanta, Gym

Loews Atlanta, Gym

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Loews Atlanta

Loews Atlanta

Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar

Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar