The Easiest Hairstyle I Didn’t Know I Needed


When it comes to my hair, convenience is key. If I’m running errands, going out for the night, or on vacation, I want to spend the least amount of time doing my hair, so I can have more time doing the things I love. LuvMe Hair Headband Wigs provides stylish hair wigs that are easy convenient and beautiful. One of my favorite things about LuvMe Headband Wigs is the option to change your headbands. They have many styles to choose from which helps with styling outfits.   

About Luvme Hair

LuvMe Hair is a quality hairband that offers the highest quality of wigs. They have several different options to choose from including frontal lace wigs, headband wigs, bob wigs, quick weaves, and more. Not only does Luvme Hair sell wigs but they also provide exceptional customer service and information on how to care for you wigs for a long lasting hairstyle.


Why The Headband Wig?

The headband wig is convenient and easy to install. It is the most versatile wig and comes with 5 headbands you can switch out according to your style and outfit. The headband wig is also a way to protect your natural hair. I am guilty of exposing my hair to too much heat so the Headband Wig aids as a protective style and gives my natural hair a break, not to mention they are cute and look natural!


Girl wearing black headband wig

Installing Your Wig

The first time I tried on my headband wig, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was easy to put on. The wig is attached to a black a headband with mini combs in the inside and velcro latch at the back. No glue or lace required for this super easy install. You can wear the headband wig for almost any occasion! It definitely saves time and cuts down on the time of getting ready.


Caring For Your Wig

Luvme Hair offers 100% Human Hair so it’s important you take care of it to extend longevity and get the most wears out of your wig. You can find all information on Luvme Hair’s website under Hair Care & Use.


My Overall Experience

My Experience has been exceptional with Luvme Hair. With my busy schedule, my headband wig as been a time saver. I love how it gives me a stylish look even on the days I don’t feel like looking my best. I love the quality of the hair and look forward to selecting more styles. (Currently wearing the Body Wave wig.)